Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering follows the final mixing of a track (sometimes referred to as a mix-down). Often considered to be a dark art, a skill in understanding a wide range of music and sound backed up by a good choice of tools. We do our absolute best on every work entrusted to us and aim to make it sound exactly the way you envisioned it during the creative process.

Mastering your music, soundtrack or post-production project uses digital plugins, and with a selection of analog equipment to achieve the desired tonal colour or balance. Our engineer listens carefully and critically through each track and will enhance it in relation to the nature of its unique sonic characteristics.

If it’s a series of singles, an e.p or lp, the musical elements can then be tonally balanced from track to track to create a dynamic package ready for release and manufacture.

If you need mastering for your project but aren’t sure of what can be achieved, we are happy to provide a demo clip and feedback free of charge (48 hours depending of how busy we are) send a track to us using the contact form to message us any details including your email address.

If you have any questions contact us, we’ll look forward to talking with you about your project.

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